Business Areas

Our business

In scope of action, IC performs information management and IT governance for healthcare in the public and private sector, provides intelligent solutions for emergency and public safety systems and applications, and monitors vehicles and vessels through integrated technologies.


Public healthcare information management using all applied technology and operational information fully integrated with the public healthcare administration. Online sharing of information for healthcare facilities, such as basic, outpatient and specialty care.

Effective integrated solutions for SAMU operations, for mobile pre-hospital care services, medical regulation and removal of critically ill patients. Monitoring center for remote supervision of all services provided by SAMU.

Use of digital writing technologies on electronic patient clinical record, easily adopted by the users, with digitized forms and digital pens.

Safety & Security

Advanced technologies to support emergency services and public safety. Integrated system including medical regulatory information, monitoring and management of dispatch units for care / emergency. Management of fleets, weapons and other operational resources. Remote monitoring for patrol operations and control using sensors and images. Management of standard occurrence records. Alert management and incident analysis to integrate organizations and share data.

Integrated security solutions and critical infrastructure monitoring using CCTV, vehicle license plate and container recognition (OCR), access control, vehicle traffic monitoring on restricted routes, management of alarm panels, equipment and systems.

Applications for integration of heterogeneous radio technologies, for direct coordination employment in the police operations (Municipal Guards, Civil and Military Police).


Traffic management for land transport and monitoring of the circulation of vehicles on the public roads, using sensors and intelligent images. Applicable in the fight against crime, fraud against insurers, transportation of suspects goods, as well as delinquency of taxes and fees relating to motor vehicles.

Vessel traffic monitoring and control in port areas, as components of electronic shore-side solutions to ensure vessel traffic management and navigation safety – VTS, VTMIS and LPS.

Applications for monitoring berths and management railway operations, for cargo arrival and movements, in the port complex and / or port terminals.

Other Projects

Applied recognition´s technology.
Customized solutions for capturing and processing biometric information, iris and speech for people electronic identity (e-identification).